Jardins Suspendus de Marqueyssac - Individual visitors - Marqueyssac gardens

Art & crafts workshop “Curious of nature”

Easter and All Saints holidays, holidays weekends in May and June, every day in July and August (from 6th July).

he gardens of Marqueyssac offer children, both old and young, the opportunity of creating from natural objects, all kinds of play things such as masks, mobiles, frames, dolls, origami, painted pebbles, tracks… During this workshop, children use cardboard, paper and paint and can bring home their new creations.

Bee workshop “Enter the beehive”

Every Tuesday and Thursday during the February holidays, the Spring holidays and Autumn holidays.

Discover the world of bees, the organization of the hive and all the work that Vincent, their beekeeper, does to obtain good honey.

Children can create a decorative bee as a souvenir of their visit