Jardins Suspendus de Marqueyssac - Individual visitors - Marqueyssac gardens

A course between the trees

CIn reaching the upper part of the gardens, a stone’s throw away from the Belvedere, you will notice a fun path that winds high above the ground between the trees. Opened in 2017, the journey takes place in an open net near the squirrels.

Game areas

Two game areas with swings and huts are fitted out on the park. The first one is at the base of the Belvedere and the second one, near the Heath Hut a few meters farther along. A large boxwood labyrinth offers its sinuous maze to children who love to have the illusion of being lost.
A children’s circuit has been designed especially for them. It lets them discover, at eye level, the elements of the fauna and flora which are of particular interest to them : snail, ladybird…