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Jardins de Marqueyssac
24220 Vézac
Tél. : 05 53 31 36 36

Educative prices 2021

(Each accompagning adult free for 10 children)

Primary Secondary Pre-school Discovery Booklet





Additional educational visit

Set price 35€

Additional educational workshop

Set price 115€

Additional “curious about nature” workshop

Set price 115€

Marqueyssac is an excellent educational tool, especially in terms of science. The gardens lend themselves perfectly to the study of biodiversity, geography, geology and even history.

Unguided tour 2h

The park has a 33 stage educational circuit. Beautifully illustrated messages provide information about the fauna, flora, geography and history of the Dordogne valley.

Groupes scolaires et écoles aux Jardins de Marqueyssac Sarlat Dordogne

Educational visit 2h

The landscape, vegetation and its adaptation to local conditions, boxwood pruning and the architecture are all studied during this guided walk to the Belvedere

Discovery booklet 3h

In the form of a tracking game, this booklet helps children to discover the site’s amenities, flora and fauna.

Discovery trails 3h

The « Discovery trails » allow children to develop their sense of observation, helping them explore becoming active participants in the park. They will learn about protecting the environment. The plant diversity, boxwood labyrinth, belvederes and the Dordogne valley landscapes are wonderful educational materials.

Rock climbing

Our cliffs overlooking the Dordogne, have been adapted for rock-climbing. All the necessary equipment is provided (ropes, harness). This activity takes about half a day, one part of the group can visit the gardens while the other part rock-climbs.

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