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La Via Ferrata des rapaces

Open from April 17th until November 5th 2023 – according to calendar

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La “Via Ferrata des rapaces”

Discover the Dordogne Valley differently !

Discover the Dordogne Valley differently ! The « Via Ferrata » has been adjusted to the cliff side approximately 100 meters above the Dordogne. It offers a 200 metre long acrobatic cliff course, that you can discover by yourself.

Event without extra charge. Possible departure from 2 people.
Minors accompanied with 2 adults with the possibility to join a group.

Necessary requirements:
• Must be aged 8 years old or above
• Must measure at least 1.3 metres
• Minors must be accompanied by two adults
• Two adults are required for the activity
• It is possible to join another group on site if available
• Sportswear highly recommended

Discover the Via-ferrata

Halfway between a hike and rock climbing, this activity offers the chance to fully enjoy the landscape and the valley. The 200 metre long course is equipped with iron stairs, rungs, pallets and beams attached to the cliff. These make the course easier and safer for all participants.
A life line guarantees optimal safety and avoids any risk of wrongful use. Our specially trained operators ensure the installation and safety of the equipment, explain how the system functions and give the basic safety rules. The course is done independently, without supervision or specific support during the activity.

Marqueyssac La “Via Ferrata des rapaces” Découvrez la Vallée de la Dordogne autrement !
Outside of opening times

We can open the cliff especially for your group ! For half a day the fee is 180 € in addition to the entrance fee. A reservation is required.

Contact us for more information.

Adventure in complete safety.

The « Via Ferrata » of Marqueyssac is a high-up acrobatic course to discover by ourselves.
Your safety depends of your absolute respect of the instructions that will be given before starting.

The staff

All our instructors did a specific training for the activity in order to:
• introduce the activity ;
• check the equipment and facilities ;
• equip you ;
• inform you about conditions of use of the equipment and about facilities ;
• estimate your ability to complete the course by yourself ;
• respect the safety instructions.

They are able to assist in the best safety conditions if needed.

The briefing

After your equipment has been verified, an instructor takes charge of the participants. He gives a demonstration to correctly use the equipment provided by ourselves and do the activity in complete safety. He will ask you to do a test in order to get you used to the material and to check that you understand the instructions. He lists the elementary safety rules and answers your possible questions.

Your security depends of your absolute respect of the instructions that will be given before starting.

The test route and the way out

After being acquainted with all the rules and familiarising yourself with the equipment, you are allowed to go in the course. A short path enables you to reach the cliff . During a few meters you are on the cliff in a representative situation of the whole course. If you succeed this test and if you want, you can do the course by yourself for around thirty minutes. If, however, you wish to stop doing the course, a way out enables you to immediately stop the activity and go back to the starting area.