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Rendezvous at the gardens in June. National event Garden Day. Exhibition of works floral compositions. Boxwood cutting demonstration

Jardins Suspendus de Marqueyssac - Individual visitors - Marqueyssac gardens

Rendez-vous aux Jardins

Sunday 5th June 2022

Candlelight evening on Saturday June 4th 2022. As part of this national event, Marqueyssac Gardens will be the setting for many plant and flower arrangements. This exhibition of fragile and ephemeral plants will be created by students from the Atelier de MO, located in the Toulouse region. They will be available for flower arranging advice and may even reveal some of their secrets ! Marqueyssac’s own gardeners, and those from PM Paysage, will demonstrate how to prune boxwood. They have worked together since the restoration of the gardens began, in 1996. Our guided tours are an invitation to explore, they are organised throughout the weekend.

The theme for this years’ garden festival is  « Transmission of Knowledge ». Our gardeners will demonstrate how to prune boxwood and will answer any questions about the subtle art of Topiary.

L’ATELIER DE MO, 14 years of collaboration and inspiration in MARQUEYSSAC

The idea was born in 2008, when Monique Bardel, manager of a floral art workshop – the Atelier de Mo – in Toulouse, discovered the Jardins de Marqueyssac during a trip to Périgord. “I immediately wanted to share the emotions of this visit with my students,” she recalls. I met Jean Lemoussu, head gardener at Marqueyssac, and together we imagined adding some colour to the park for the Garden Festival, in a land-art style. The first year, we occupied unusual places and, subsequently, we were able to use the Esplanade. With her partner, Annick Viguié, Monique teaches floral art to nearly 200 students every week. “For Mo’s studio, showing our work at Marqueyssac on the first weekend in June will let us end the year on a high note and give in to our passion for an exceptional setting,” Monique continues. Here, the inspiration is rich and our creations are clearly highlighted.

This year, Monique, now retired, is leaving her place as leader to Annick, who will surely have many surprises for us!

Jardins Suspendus de Marqueyssac - Individual visitors - Marqueyssac gardens
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