Kléber Rossillon

Specialised in running cultural and heritage sites, the Kléber Rossillon group was founded in 1995 with the opening of Marqueyssac Gardens. The group now welcomes over two million visitors at its twelve sites in France and Belgium.

Castelnaud Castle

The most visited castle in the South-West, Castelnaud is a perfect example of Medieval fortification. It is also home to a medieval warfare museum and offers a 360° panoramic view of the Dordogne Valley, in the heart of the Périgord Noir.

Langeais Castle

A major site in the Loire Valley, Langeais Castle takes visitors through the ages, from medieval times to the Renaissance. It is in the rich setting of this royal residence that Séphane Berne tells the story of Charles VIII and Anne of Brittany’s wedding.

Montmartre Museum

It was originally the home of many artists from Bohemian Paris. Montmartre Museum, hidden in the heart of the hill, offers a permanent tour of the artistic effervescence of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. An unmissable spot in Montmartre, situated in the heart of Paris, that proposes two exhibitions per year, as well as the Renoir café and gardens.

Murol Castle

An imposing castle in Lower-Auvergne, the Murol Fortress immerses its visitors in life at Guillaume de Murol’s court of 1422. Costumed, guided tours and knights’ battles punctuate the discovery of the fortress.

Chauvet Caves 2 – Ardèche

At Chauvet Caves, visitors can discover reproductions of 36,000 year-old cave paintings. Numerous activities, including an immersive video, complete the visit of this famous cave in the Ardèche.

The Doux Gorge cyclerail

On the only metric track of the Ardèche, the Cyclerail provides an unusual way to enjoy the Ardèche countryside.

Cosquer Méditerranée

A unique reproduction of the Marseille’s submerged-creek cave, Cosquer Cave offers a journey through time. Located in the Villa Méditerranée, no less than five hundred engravings and paintings illustrate the prehistoric art.

Crest Tower

A true fortress perched above the Drôme Valley, Crest Tower is the highest keep in France. Here, visitors discover the rich history between daily life in the Middle-Ages and life in jail.

Waterloo Memorial

An unmissable part of the Napoleonic history, the Waterloo Memorial includes a historical interpretation centre, and exceptional panoramic views, as well the famous “Butte du Lion” (Lion Hill) and Houhoumont Farm.

Ardèche Train

In an exceptional setting in the heart of the Doux Gorge, the Ardèche train welcomes passengers into a period steam-train setting. A journey through nature and time.

The Suscinio Estate

Previously the Duke de Bretagne’s residence, Suscinio Castle is surrounded by 60 hectares of protected countryside. At a few hundred metres from the ocean, the castle offers a discovery of the Middle-ages in Brittany and Arthurian legends.