Yoga: Relaxing moments in the garden

Hear, touch, smell… In a safe and gentle environment, discover Yoga with Juliette. Mixed with relaxation techniques it is the perfect opportunity to relax, free up your joints, stretch your muscles and get back in touch with your body and your own breathing.

Yoga in the garden

From the air that circulates around us to the light that bathes the vegetation in the gardens, the elements are at the heart of the world around us and of the philosophy of Yoga, which when practised outdoors is even more beneficial. In the atmospheric green theatre of the Rotunda, come and breathe in nature, savour the harmony, the soothing sounds, and become one with the surroundings and with yourself. A moment of relaxation which is accessible to allto begin your day in good shape and in a good mood!

One hour sessions. Available from 16 years onwards – Wednesdays and Sundays mornings from April to All Saints’ Day, except in July and August

Reservation required. 15 people max.